John J. Robinson Video Series

The late John J. Robinson talks about topics important to Freemasons on this TV series for home video by Capstone Productions Inc. Robinson’s comments were recorded in November, 1992 by the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Bernice Robinson, John’s widow, and the Grand Lodge of Missouri have kindly granted permission for Capstone Productions Inc. to distribute this valuable series.

John J. Robinson authored several books about Freemasonry, “Born In Blood,” “Dungeons, Fire and Sword,” and “A Pilgrim’s Path.” Through his books, lectures and radio interviews, Robinson was a major defender of Freemasonry.

See Robinson explain Freemasonry’s image problem and how anti-Masons use old quotes and misquotes to smear the Fraternity. More importantly, hear John J. Robinson describe how to deal with these attacks and even take the offensive.

Capstone Productions Inc. has edited Robinson’s 1992 lecture at the Grand Lodge of Missouri into six segments on three DVDs that can be bought separately or as a set. Each segment runs 15-20 minutes and makes a great Lodge program. These DVDs brings advocate for Freemasonry into your Lodge. Makes 6 great Lodge education programs.



Part 1 – 16:11 – What it’s like to debate anti-Masons on a radio program; Evangelist Pat Robertson’s 1991 anti-Mason book, “A New World Order.”

Part 2 – 16:18 – Baphomet, “God of Freemasonry”, according to the anti-Masonic view; The Leo Taxil fraud; How anti-Masons misquote Albert Pike from his book “Morals and Dogma.”



Part 1 – 18:05 – The Southern Baptist Convention’s 1992 attack on Freemasonry and how it can be stopped; Fred Kleinknecht’s support from the Scottish Rite, S.J.; Dr. Gary Leazer’s investigation of Freemasonry and the results; Robinson starts the Masonic Information Center.

Part 2 – 15:58 – How the fight with the SBC compares to running a business: it’s a public relations effort; Keeping Freemasonry “secret” is not a good idea.



Part 1 – 20:28 – Audience questions: Debating an anti-Mason on the radio; How Robinson met Freemasonry and some of his observations; Specific SBC investigation points.

Part 2 – 18:02 – Audience questions: Knights Templar and medieval Europe; “A Pilgrim’s Path” is John J. Robinson’s last book.

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